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Figure 8

From: Myosin VI contributes to synaptic transmission and development at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction

Figure 8

High frequency stimulation in 1 mM Ca2+saline revealed enhanced potentiation in jar322/Df(3R)crb87-5 mutants. Data is shown as a percent of the average of the first 16 evoked junctional potentials (EJPs) recorded at 1 Hz. This baseline recording of 16 EJPs at 1 Hz was followed by a stimulation of 10 Hz recorded over 10 minutes and terminated with a 10 minute recording at 0.1 Hz. Following the first 25 seconds from the onset of 10 Hz stimulation, every tenth recording is shown. A significant enhancement in EJP amplitude was observed for jar322/Df(3R)crb87-5 larvae during the first three minutes of the high frequency protocol compared to the control (Dunnett's Multiple Comparison Test, p < 0.001).

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