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Figure 1

From: Myosin VI contributes to synaptic transmission and development at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction

Figure 1

Quantification of loss of function jaguar alleles. Western blotting of third instar larval brains and body walls revealed a reduction in Myosin VI levels in jar loss of function mutants. Lanes for both blots are numbered as follows: 1-ladder, 2-OreR, 3- jar322/+, 4- Df(3R)crb87-5/+, 5- jar322/Df(3R)crb87-5 and 6- jar322/Df(3R)crb87-5 MN. The loading control used was β-Tubulin. Relative Myosin VI proteins levels were first normalized to the level of β-tubulin and then quantified. Myosin VI levels were reduced in jar322/+ and Df(3R)crb87-5/+ larvae compared to the control in blots of both brain and body wall samples. No bands were observed for either brain or body wall samples for jar322/Df(3R)crb87-5 and jar322/Df(3R)crb87-5 MN larvae.

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