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Figure 5

From: Odor identity influences tracking of temporally patterned plumes in Drosophila

Figure 5

Responses to abrupt termination of the ethyl butyrate plume. Comparison of mean plume deviation for flies that received either a continuous plume of ethyl butyrate(orange) or an odor plume that was switched to water vapor after 3 seconds (blue). One standard deviation above and below the mean is indicated with the shaded envelope. (A) Flies that received ethyl butyrate had a mean plume deviation that was not significantly different from flies that received the continuous plume (t-test p > 0.05). n > = 25 flies for each treatment. Inset show example flight trajectories from an individual fly that received both treatments. (B) Exemplar flight trajectories from four individual flies that each received (i) a continuous plume of ethyl butyrate (orange), (ii) a truncated ethyl butyrate plume (switched to water vapor after 3 seconds, blue), and (iii) continuous water vapor control (grey).

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