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Figure 2

From: Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor increases the therapeutic efficacy of bone marrow mononuclear cell transplantation in cerebral ischemia in mice

Figure 2

Colocalization of transplanted BMMCs with PCNA and densitometry of PCNA expressing cells at various surviving times. Panels A to E are representative confocal images showing that transplanted BMMC, pre-labeled by PKH26 (red) and DAPI (blue), co-localize with proliferative cell nuclear antigen (PCNA, green). (F) illustrates PCNA immmunoreactive cells visualized with the DAB method around the infarct border of the infarct area. (G) shows semi-quantitative data of PCNA positive cells at different time points in the 4 groups of animals. ANOVA table on the right denotes statistical analysis data on the time course effect (longitudinal factor) in the 4 animal groups as well as treatment effect (transversal factor) at the 4 time points.

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