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Figure 1

From: Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor increases the therapeutic efficacy of bone marrow mononuclear cell transplantation in cerebral ischemia in mice

Figure 1

Representative images of TTC-stained brain slices and infarct volume analysis at 28 days post middle cerebral artery occlusion. Representative brain slice images (left) were taken at 24 hours following TTC staining. Bar graph on the right shows corrected infarct volumes (CIV) among 4 animal groups. For each brain the CIV value was calculated from slices at 2-mm intervals. Mean infarct volumes are reduced in BMMCs+G-CSF groups (84.3 ± 1.4) relative to BMMCs group (143.5 ± 1.5), G-CSF group (148.2 ± 2.1) and Saline group (186.7 ± 1.8); as well as between the BMMCs or G-CSF group relative to the saline group (Bonferroni's post-tests).

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