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Table 1 Architectonic characteristics of the lateral PfC

From: Cyto-, myelo- and chemoarchitecture of the prefrontal cortex of the Cebus monkey

  Nissl WFA SMI-32 Myelin
10 Well developed granular layers. Small-sized cells in layer III and more densely packed cells in Va. Vb almost blended with layer VI where small-sized neurons predominated. Very lightly stained. Labeling concentrates in V-VI. Moderate immunostaining. SG band with weak neuropil labeling, some fragments of apical dendrites and somas sparsely distributed. Neuropil in IG band is more densely stained and a few somas in Va. Poor to moderate myelination, with thin vertical fibers in IG layers.
9d Cells in IIIc more stained and separated from layer Va by a poorly developed layer IV. Layers Vb and VI have small-sized cells and no clear limits. Vertical striations in V and IIIc. Intensely stained band in VI and a fainter band in Va with some vertical fibers. A few nets in IIIc Intensely stained. Many cells and processes deeply stained in SG band and a few in IG band. Moderate to intense myelination. IG layers with vertical fibers. Evident oBb. Sparse fine fibers plexus in SG layers
46dr Granular. Cells are more densely packed in layer V than in III. Cellular density in layers II and IV decreases dorsally. Moderately stained. A few small nets with poorly stained neuropil in SG layers. Staining in IG layers similar to 9d, but less intense. Moderately stained. Clear-cut boundaries with 9d. Bilaminar aspect. Small- to medium-sized pyramidal neurons intensely stained in IIIc, and very few in V. Lighter myelination than 9d. oBb is narrower and less stained, and vertical fibers are more sparse and thinner.
46d Granular. Well developed and densely packed layer II. Medium-sized cells intensely stained in Va. SG layers more prominent than IG layers. Very lightly stained. Faintly stained band of neuropil with some dark nets in IG layers. Very few nets in III and IV. Lightly stained. Clear limits with 46dr. Very weak neuropil staining and a few clusters of cellular bodies in III. Neuropil and dendrite fragments in IG band Moderate myelination. Faint iBe and sparse thin vertical fibers in IG layers. Sparse plexus and horizontal fibers in SG layers.
46v Similar to 46d. No limits between layers V and VI. Similar to 46d, but weaker. Weaker than in 46d. almost no immunoreactive somas can be observed Similar to 46d
46vr Granular. Layer IV more developed and densely packed than in 46v. Clear lamination in III. SG and IG layers equally prominent. Radial striations in V. Moderately stained. Good neuropil labeling in Vb, with high concentration of nets. Labeling weaker in VI. SG layers poorly stained, with some sparse nets. Moderately stained. Clear-cut boundaries with 46v. Immunoreactive cells in IIIb-IIIc. IG band with diffuse neuropil, neuronal processes and a few stained cells. Moderate myelination. IG layers more heavily myelinated than 46v, with well-stained vertical fibers. oBb less evident. SG layers poorly myelinated.
12l Granular. Layer IV narrower than in 46vr, and lamination in III less evident. No obvious predominance between SG and IG layers. Caudally, darkly-stained cells in IIIc and Va. Intensely stained. Denser band in VI, with neuropil and many nets reaching layer VI. Paler band in IV-III with nets and poorly stained neuropil. Intensely stained. Many stained neurons in V-VI, but a higher number in the SG band. Bilaminar pattern. Moderate to intense myelination. Evident oBb and heavy staining in IG layers.
8d Granular. In IIIc and Va cells are of medium size and darkly stained. Layers Vb and VI have cells of small size and are less stained. Lightly stained, with a band of neuropil in IV and a few moderately stained nets in IV and III. Moderately stained, with medium to small stained cells in IIIc, and in a lesser degree in IV, IIIa and V. Distinct oBb and thin vertical fibers. SG layers poorly myelinated.
8v Similar to 8d, but cells in layer IV more densely packed. Similar to 8d, but with darker neuropil staining in IV. Similar to 8d but with a denser staining of neuropil. Similar to 8d
45 Granular. Large-sized and darkly stained pyramidal cells In IIIc and Va. Moderately stained. Band with dense nets in IV, reaching III and Va. Moderately stained neuropil in VI. Faint band in Vb. Moderately stained. Bilaminar aspect. Cell body fragments and intense neuropil in SG band. Pale neuropil in IV. Moderate labeling (neuropil and fragments) in IG band. Moderate myelination (heavy myelination in IG layers). SG layers poorly myelinated.