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Figure 5

From: Cyto-, myelo- and chemoarchitecture of the prefrontal cortex of the Cebus monkey

Figure 5

High magnification photomicrographs showing cellular details of techniques used in this study. In A and B, photomicrographs taken from layer V of Nissl stained sections. Small, medium, and large-sized pyramidal neurons can be observed. In C and D, cell bodies and dendrites of pyramidal cells showing SMI-32 immunoreactivity in cortical layers III (C) and V (D). Note intense staining in cell bodies, apical (arrows) and basal (arrowheads) dendrites. In E perineuronal nets (PNs) stained with WFA ensheath layer III non-pyramidal neurons in area 45, and in F PNs surrounding layer V pyramidal neurons in area 32. In all cell types, staining intensity decreases from perikaryon to distal portions of dendrites. In G, myelin staining of area 9m. Note thick vertical fascicles and outer band of Baillarger (asterisk). Calibration bar in F applies to all figures except G

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