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Figure 5

From: Iron deposition is independent of cellular inflammation in a cerebral model of multiple sclerosis

Figure 5

GFAP, iron histochemical and hematoxylin staining. (A) In cEAE mice, iron staining around vessels could be associated with astrocyte gliosis. On rare occasions, astrocytes were colabeled with iron (not shown). (B) In cEAE mice, GFAP staining around blood vessels could be observed independent of iron deposits, and conversely, (C) iron staining around vessels could be observed independent of astrocyte gliosis (note, the diminished density of dark blue astrocyte processes around the iron labeled vessel compared with A). Bar = 50 μm for A-C. (D) For all types of stained vessels (GFAP + iron, GFAP alone, iron alone), there was more staining in the cEAE mice compared to the NonEAE Saline controls, although the GFAP alone staining did not reach significance (note, bars slightly above 0 without error bars indicate analyses of tissues in these groups of animals, but values were 0). Error bars = SEM. N = 6 animals per group, except Day 4 cEAE (N = 5). *p ≤ 0.05, **p ≤ 0.01.

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