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Figure 3

From: Iron deposition is independent of cellular inflammation in a cerebral model of multiple sclerosis

Figure 3

Vascular changes in cEAE mice. (A) A vessel with both inflammatory cells and iron staining. Bar = 50 μm. (B) The average number of vessels stained positive for iron with or without inflammation was significantly higher in cEAE mice than NonEAE Saline controls (note, bars slightly above 0, without error bars, indicate analyses of tissues in these groups of animals, but no iron stained vessels were observed). Also, the iron laden vessels without inflammation were significantly more abundant than iron laden vessels associated with inflammation. (C) A vessel from a cEAE mouse is congested with inflammatory cells as revealed by hematoxylin staining. Several iron labeled cells are also present in the vessel lumen. Bar = 50 μm. (D) Blood flow was decreased in both Day 4 and Day 22 (range 21-23) cEAE mice compared to control NonEAE Saline mice. Error bars = SEM. N = 6 animals per group, except Day 4 cEAE (N = 5). *p ≤ 0.05, **p ≤ 0.01.

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