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Figure 2

From: Iron deposition is independent of cellular inflammation in a cerebral model of multiple sclerosis

Figure 2

Iron stained blood vessels are prevalent in cEAE. (A) Control NonEAE Saline animals demonstrated little to no iron staining in the cortex. (B) cEAE animals revealed iron staining associated with vessels in the cortex. Staining was localized to the lining of vessels, the surrounding neuropil, and macrophages/microglia. Bars in A and B = 50 μm. (C) At both Day 4 and Day 22 (range 21-23) cEAE animals demonstrated a significantly higher ratio of iron stained vessels to unstained vessels as compared to NonEAE Saline animals. (D) At Day 22 (range 21-23) the mean percent of stained vessels in cEAE animals had a greater diameter than control NonEAE Saline animals (note, the bar slightly above 0, without an error bar, indicates analysis of tissue in this group of animals, but no labeled vessels were > 40 μm). Error bars = SEM. N = 6 for all groups, except cEAE Day 4 (N = 5). **p ≤ 0.01.

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