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Figure 5

From: Immunolocalization of the short neuropeptide F receptor in queen brains and ovaries of the red imported fire ant (Solenopsis invicta Buren)

Figure 5

Distribution of C7 to C12 sNPF receptor immunolabeled cells observed in the posterior brain and SEG. A: The schematic shows the position of C7-C12. Confocal images obtained with single red channel for receptor signal (C, F, and L) or red merged with cyan (DAPI nuclear stain) (B, E, and K) are shown. B and C: Some cells from the anterior cluster C2 (arrows), located between the mushroom body calyces (mCa and lCa), were also seen from the posterior brain view. D: C7 includes four cells (arrows) located above the fan-shaped body (FB) of the central complex in the superior medial protocerebrum (smP). E and F: C8 is composed of ~11 cells located in the superior protocerebrum (sP) under the medial calyces (mCa). D, and G-J: Whole mount images obtained with Axioimager A1 microscope (nuclei in blue). G: The cluster C9 is composed of four cells (arrows) located in the inferior lateral protocerebrum (ilP). H-J: C10 and C11 are represented by one cell each on each side of the SEG (arrowheads) and C12 is composed of five cells (arrows) centrally located in the SEG. C10-C12 were larger in size (12 μm) and showed strong receptor immunolabeling. I: A C10 single cell is shown. J: C11 and C12 are clearly shown in a ventral view of SEG. K: Stacked confocal images show C12 (five cells, arrows). Thickness of stacked images: B and C, 12 μm; E and F, 14 μm; K and L, 19.6 μm.

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