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Table 1 TFBS in different mammalian D4ECR1 as identified by AliBaba 2.1.

From: An evolutionary conserved region (ECR) in the human dopamine receptor D4 gene supports reporter gene expression in primary cultures derived from the rat cortex

Species Putative TFBS in the mammalian D4ECR1 sequences
Human Sp1, GATA1, C/EBPα, AP2α, D1, MIG1, E1, SRF, Oct1, CoS, NF1, GR, T3Rα, myogenin.
Chimpanzee Sp1, C/EBPα, D1, E1, SRF, Oct1, CoS, NF1, GR, T3Rα, myogenin.
Rhesus macaque Sp1, C/EBPα, D1, PU.1, FTz, E1, SRF, Oct1, CoS, NF1, GR, T3Rα.
Rat Sp1, Oct1, YY1, RAP1, NF1, Oct1, COUP, GR.
Mouse Sp1, GCN4, Oct1, C/EBPα, GAL4, Zen1, NF1, AP2α, GATA1, AP1, COUP, GR, T3Rα.
Guinea pig Sp1, GATA1, NFκ, AP2α, Adf1, NF1, HNF1, GR, myogenin.
Dog Sp1, NF1, CTF, NFκ, C/EBPα.
Tenrec Sp1, NF1, PU.1, Fra2, C/EBPα, CRE-BP1, USF, NF1, c-Jun, MyoD, AP2α, REV-ErBAα, ER.