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Table 2 Comparison of pre-measurements

From: Transcranial direct current stimulation of the prefrontal cortex modulates working memory performance: combined behavioural and electrophysiological evidence

condition measure t df P
sham A vs. CG    
  d' 0.687 30 0.500
  RT-Hits -0.910 30 0.371
  RT-FA -0.528 30 0.602
sham C vs. CG    
  d' 1.080   0.290
  RT-Hits -1.484 30 0.148
  RT-FA -0.694 30 0.493
  1. Table shows results of independent t-tests comparing the pre-measurements for d', RT-Hits (reaction time for Hits), and RT-FA (reaction time for False Alarms). Results show equivalence of pre-measures between the two experimental groups (shamA: sham condition preceding the anodal tDCS, shamC: sham condition preceding the cathodal tDCS) and control group (CG).