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Figure 2

From: Identification of alternatively spliced Dab1 and Fyn isoforms in pig

Figure 2

Expression of sDab1 and sFyn isoforms (A: sDab1 , B: sDab1-Li , C: sFyn-B , D: sFyn-T ) in various pig tissues. Total RNA was extracted from 12 different tissues (He: heart; Li: liver; Sp: spleen; Lu: lung; Ki: kidney; Ad: adipose; Mu: muscle; St: stomach; In: intestine; Co: cerebral cortex; Ce: cerebellum; Te: testicle) and subjected to real-time RT-PCR. The expression of sDab1 and sFyn was calculated as a percentage of GAPDH mRNA level in parallel. Data are means ± SEM of four independent experiments.

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