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Table 1 Overview of external data sets analysed in the present study

From: Gene expression in the rat brain: High similarity but unique differences between frontomedial-, temporal- and occipital cortex

Description Reference Data set Platform Replicates Represented1 Differentially expressed2
Developing rat brain Stead JD et al. 2006 From journal webpage3 Affymetrix Rn 230 6 32 29
Mouse neurons, astrocytes, oligo-dendrocytes Cahoy JD et al. 2008 GSE9566 Affymetrix Mm 430 2.0 1-6 42 31
Mouse neuronal subtypes Sugino K et al. 2005 GSE2882 Affymetrix Mm 430 2.0 3 51 38
  1. Note: Number of the 65 cortex subregion enriched genes 1represented by probes in the data set and 2showing differential expression among sample groups. 3Only pre-processed data available.