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Figure 3

From: The nestin-expressing and non-expressing neurons in rat basal forebrain display different electrophysiological properties and project to hippocampus

Figure 3

Electrophysiological properties of nestin+ and/or ChAT+ neurons. A1-F1: Nestin+ & ChAT- neurons, A2-F2: Nestin+ & ChAT+ neurons, A3-F3: Nestin- & ChAT+ neurons. A1-3: Agarose gel analysis of the sc-RT-PCR products to identify chemical phenotypes of recorded neurons. B1-3 and C1-3: In current-clamp mode, membrane responses of the same MS/DBB neuron to depolarizing current pulses (0.2 nA) applied from membrane potential of -60 mV (B1-3) or -80 mV (C1-3). All neurons display slow-firing activity. D1-3: Injection of a hyperpolarizing current pulse from -60 mV, no depolarizing sag and rebound firing were found in each kind of neuron. E1-3: Hyperpolarizing voltage steps applied from a holding potential of -50 mV showed absence of conspicuous Ih in all groups of neurons. F1-3: I-V plots of instantaneous (filled circle) and steady-state (open circle) current derived from the data in E1-3. The Ih of nestin+ & ChAT+ neuron was mildly larger than that of nestin- & ChAT+ neuron (E2, E3, F2, F3).

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