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Table 2 Comparison of speech and non-speech.

From: Effects of vocoding and intelligibility on the cerebral response to speech

Brain region N voxels p corr z-value x y z
Vocoded speech (IS+US) > vocoded E    
L STG 86 0.000 6.24 -60 -21 -3
R STS 99 0.000 6.08 57 -24 -3
Degradation effect for speech > degradation effect for E       
R STS 43 0.005 5.11 57 -24 -6
  1. By "speech" here, we mean the pooled effect of intelligible speech (IS) and unintelligible speech (US). Cluster size is indicated at the level of p = 0.0001, uncorrected. FWE-corrected p-values are indicated at voxel level, except for those significant only at cluster level, marked as (clust). STS-superior temporal sulcus, STG-superior temporal gyrus.