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Figure 2

From: Calcium-stores mediate adaptation in axon terminals of Olfactory Receptor Neurons in Drosophila

Figure 2

ORNs adapt to long-lasting and repeated odor stimulation. (A-F) Mean (+/- SEM) of amplitude of the response (photons/s) of different flies, versus time, of the Ca2+ -induced response (within the ROI) evoked by 1 s (A,B,C) or 5 s (D,E,F) application of spearmint (red-left column), citronella (green-middle column), or octanol (blue-right column) (Spearmint: red line = mean, blue = SEM) (Citronella: green line = mean, and red = SEM) (Octanol: blue line = mean, red = SEM) (same color-code for Figures 4 to 8). (G-I) Mean of the total number of photons of the 5 successive applications, for each odor. (J-L) Mean of the duration of the response (s). n = 5-9 flies for each condition. Values are means +/- SEM. Statistics: for the Amplitude (A-F): One-Way ANOVA, for the total photons and duration (G-L): Two-Way ANOVA (see Table 1 for complete statistical values). Remark that the ordinates (y-axis) of figures (G-I) and (J-L) have a different scale (also for other figures).

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