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Figure 3

From: Asymmetrical hippocampal connectivity in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy: evidence from resting state fMRI

Figure 3

Functional Connectivity Maps (intragroup comparisons). Right seed: a) Control group: Major cluster parameters (RS): Tmax = 26.76 at (28,-17,-20) MNI coord. and 6087 voxels. Minor cluster parameters (LS): Tmax = 23.79 at (-28,-19,-34) MNI coord. and 2466 voxels. b) Right MTLE patient group. Major cluster parameters (RS): Tmax = 24.09 at (20,-15,-22) MNI coord. and 1664 voxels. c) Left MTLE patient group. Major cluster parameters (RS): Tmax = 20.41 at (28,-16,-23) MNI coord. and 1179 voxels. Abbreviations - LS: left sagittal image, RS: right sagittal image. Statistical maps with t-scores higher than 15.

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