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Table 1 Antibodies used for immunohistochemistry and Western blot analysis.

From: A short upstream promoter region mediates transcriptional regulation of the mouse doublecortin gene in differentiating neurons

Antibody reference Dilution Company
Anti-Dcx(C-18) (Goat) sc-8066 1/200 1/500 1/1000 SantaCruz Biotechnology
Anti-Oct3/4 (C10) (Mouse) sc-5279 1/200   1/200 SantaCruz Biotechnology
Anti-βIII Tubulin (Mouse) T8660 1/1000    Sigma-Aldrich
Anti-α-Tubulin (Mouse) T6074    1/25000 Sigma-Aldrich
Anti-NeuN (Mouse) MAB377 1/100 1/500   Chemicon
TRITC-conjugated (DAG) 705-025-147 1/500 1/500   Jackson Immuno Research
  (DAM) 705-205-151 1/500 1/500   Jackson Immuno Research
HRP-conjugate (RAG) A5420    1/2000 Sigma-Aldrich
  (MAG) A4416    1/2000 Sigma-Aldrich