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Table 3 Qualitative listing of PWM predictions compiled from CYP19 and HSD17B4 genes.

From: Genomic and neural analysis of the estradiol-synthetic pathway in the zebra finch

  CYP19 HSD17B4 CYP19 HSD17B4   CYP19 HSD17B4 CYP19 HSD17B4
Ar      NFYA  
Arnt    NHLH1   
Arnt-Ahr   Nkx2-5   
Bapx1    NKX3-1    
cEBP    Nobox    
CREB1    NR1H2-RXR  
Ddit3-Cebpa   NR2F1    
E2F1    NR3C1   
ELF5     Pax2    
ELK1    Pax4   
En1    Pax5   
ESR1    Pax6   
ETS1   Pbx   
Evi1    Pdx1   
Fos     PPARG   
Foxa2     PPARG-RXRA  
FOXC1     Prrx2   
Foxd3      REL   
FOXF2   RELA    
FOXI1    REST   
FOXL1    Roaz  
Foxq1    RORA_1  
Gata1    RORA1    
GATA2    RREB1    
GATA3    RUNX1  
Gfi    RUSH1-alfa   
HNF1A     Sox17    
HNF4     Sox5    
Hox11-CTF1    SOX9   
IRF1   SP1   
IRF2     SPI1    
Klf4     SPIB   
Lhx3   Spz1  
MafB    SRF  
MAX      SRY   
MEF2A     Staf     
MIZF     STAT1   
Myb   T   
MYC-MAX      TAL1-TCF3  
Mycn     TBP  
Myf     TCF1    
MZF1_1-4    TEAD     
MZF1_5-13    TFAP2A   
NFIL3    TP53     
NF-kappaB     USF1  
NFKB1      YY1  
NF-Y   ZEB1     
  1. All 101 JASPAR predictions mapped onto the zebra finch genome assembly are listed. Blocks in the row denote the presence of the PWM either in the 5'-focused region (filled in blocks) or across the entire gene territory (open blocks) for CYP19 and HSD17B4.