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Figure 5

From: Impaired neurogenesis, learning and memory and low seizure threshold associated with loss of neural precursor cell survivin

Figure 5

GABAergic and glutamatergic inter/neurons. In situ hybridizations of coronal sections were performed to detect and quantify vGLUT1+ glutamatergic neurons (A-C) and GAD65/67+ GABAergic interneurons (D-F) in adult littermates. (A-C) In spite of SurvivinCamcremice having a thinner cortex, the density of vGLUT1+ cells in the cortex was not signficantly different between SurvivinCamcreand control mice. (D-F) The density of GAD65/67+ cells in the cortex was significantly reduced in SurvivinCamcremice, but not in the hippocampus (see text). Results in panels B and E are reflected as means + SEM, n = 4-6 mice per group. **P < 0.001 Scale bars: 500 μm.

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