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Figure 1

From: Impaired neurogenesis, learning and memory and low seizure threshold associated with loss of neural precursor cell survivin

Figure 1

Expression of survivin mRNA in developing mouse brain. In situ hybridizations were performed on coronal brain sections from control (wt) (A-D, G, I, K) and SurvivinCamcre(ko) (H, J, L) embryos, and on transverse brain sections from control (E) and SurvivinCamcre(F) embryos. (A-D) mRNA expression of survivin (A), dlx5 (B), ngn2 (C), and dlx1 (D) on adjacent brain sections from control mice illustrates overlap of survivin expression with dlx1 and ngn2. Dashed white line (A, B) indicates minimal overlap of survivin with dlx5. (E-L) Expression of survivin mRNA is reduced in the medial and lateral ganglionic eminences (MGE, LGE) (F, H), the RMS (arrow, J), and the OB (L) in SurvivinCamcreembryos as compared to controls. NCX, neocortex; HP, hippocampus. Scale bars: 500 μm

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