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Figure 8

From: The p75 neurotrophin receptor is expressed by adult mouse dentate progenitor cells and regulates neuronal and non-neuronal cell genesis

Figure 8

Quantitative analysis of NeuN and GFAP markers expressed by BrdU-positive cells. Coronal sections of the dentate gyrus were co-immunostained with antibodies directed against BrdU, NeuN and GFAP as demonstrated in Figure 7. The numbers of BrdU-positive cells co-labeling with NeuN, GFAP or neither marker were determined by stereological estimates (as described in Methods). For each mouse the cell counts in right and left dentate gyri were averaged. (A) A significant decrease in the number of BrdU-positive cells co-expressing NeuN, GFAP and neither marker was found in p75 NTR (-/-) sections. (B) The percentage of BrdU-positive cells expressing NeuN, GFAP and neither marker are indicated. BrdU-positive cells co-labeling with NeuN demonstrated a significant increase from 66% in p75NTR (+/+) mice to 81% in (-/-) mice.

*** p < 0.001, ** p < 0.01, between groups, using Student-Newman-Keuls test after ANOVA (n = 6 (+/+) and 8 (-/-) mice).

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