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Figure 5

From: Differential response of C57BL/6J mouse and DBA/2J mouse to optic nerve crush

Figure 5

Graph of crystallin genes comparison between the strains and experimental conditions. The relative fold changes in selected crystallin mRNA for the C57BL/6J (B6) strain (A) and DBA/2J (D2) strain (B) are illustrated. To the far right is a legend identifying the specific crystallin family members. The members of the crystallin family with this pattern of expression include and significant changes are Cryaa, Cryab, Cryba1, Cryba2, Cryba4, Crybb1, Crybb2, Crybb3, Crygb, Crygc, Crygd, and Crygs. This was not the case with all the crystallin genes. Notice that in general the crystallins are more highly expressed in the normal C57BL/6J retina than in the normal DBA/2J retina. After injury, the expression level of the crystallins decrease in the C57BL/6J while in the DBA/2J retina the levels increase. Signal is expressed as a 2 (z-score of log2 [intensity]) + 8.

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