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Figure 4

From: Differential response of C57BL/6J mouse and DBA/2J mouse to optic nerve crush

Figure 4

Quantitative trait locus cluster map of PC3 negative. The QTL cluster map for genes in PC3 negative shows potential regulatory genomic loci. Horizontal heat maps represent individual genes. There are 38 genes (those above the red line) in the PC3 negative network in this heat map; the numbers to the left denote the individual genes. The genes are represented in a genome-wide scan with the chromosomal locations at the top of the heat map ranging from Chr 1 on the left to Chr X on the right. The yellow, red, and blue bands denote the locations of genomic loci that modulate all of the genes in the network. Note that some bands are more prominent than others. The two most prominent bands are in Chr 4, 50105 Mb (A) and Chr 17, 2740 Mb (B). The network analysis can be taken one step further by identifying candidate genes within the loci, using advanced search tools on GeneNetwork. For the regulatory locus on Chr 4 (A) the genes are Ltb4dh, Pole3, Rgs3, Tnc, Ugcg, and Fkbp15. A candidate gene for Chr 17(B), Bat1, is from our PC3 negative group. Note that these candidate genes have a QTL structure (banding pattern) similar to that of genes within PC3 negative.

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