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Figure 4

From: Left auditory cortex gamma synchronization and auditory hallucination symptoms in schizophrenia

Figure 4

Auditory hallucination correlations and cross-frequency interaction data. (A and B) Scatterplots of LH radial dipole PLF vs. Auditory Hallucination symptom ratings. The HC values are displayed for comparison with the range of SZ values. (A) LH radial dipole PLF over all trials (ρ = 0.541, p < 0.05). (B) LH radial dipole PLF in the 120–180° phase bin for 2 Hz modulation (ρ = 0.617, p < 0.01). (C and D) ASSR PLF plotted as a function of 2 Hz phase for the LH radial (C) and RH tangential (D) dipoles. HC = filled squares, SZ = open circles. In (C), the asterisk indicates the significant reduction of LH radial dipole PLF in SZ for the 120–180° phase bin.

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