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Figure 1

From: Estrous cycle influences the expression of neuronal nitric oxide synthase in the hypothalamus and limbic system of female mice

Figure 1

A-F. Six drawings corresponding to coronal sections through a representative male mouse hypothalamus and limbic system arranged from the most rostral (A – preoptic area) to the most caudal (F – paraventricular region). Grey dots illustrate the distribution of nNOS-ir cell bodies. Nuclei are delineated according to the mouse brain atlas [69]. aca = anterior commissure, anterior; acp = anterior commissure, posterior; Arc = arcuate nucleus; AVPe = anteroventral periventricular nucleus; BSTmpm = bed nucleus of the stria terminalis, posteromedial subdivision; BSTmv = bed nucleus of the stria terminalis, ventromedial subdivision; DM = dorsomedial hypothalamic nucleus; f = fornix; LA = lateroanterior hypothalamic nucleus; mfb = medial forebrain bundle; ME = median eminence; MPA = medial preoptic area; opt = optic tract; ox = optic chiasm; PaAP = anterior parvicellular part of PVN; PaLM = lateral magnocellular part of PVN; PaV = ventral part of PVN; PVN = paraventricular nucleus; SCh = suprachiasmatic nucleus; VMH = ventromedial nucleus; VMHdm = ventromedial nucleus, dorsomedial part; VMHc = ventromedial nucleus, central part; VMHvl = ventromedial nucleus, ventrolateral part; * = third ventricle.

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