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Figure 2

From: Src kinase up-regulates the ERK cascade through inactivation of protein phosphatase 2A following cerebral ischemia

Figure 2

Western blot analyses of p-Src and p-PP2A C levels following post-ischemic reperfusion. Samples were taken from the hippocampi of rats subjected to sham, or 0, 10 min, 1 h, 6 h and 24 h reperfusion after 10 min ischemia. PP2A activity was measured using a molybdate dye-based phosphatase assay kit. Sample proteins were identified by special antibodies against p-Src (Tyr527), Src, PP2A C and p-PP2A C (Tyr307). (A) Temporal curve of PP2A activity following post-ischemic reperfusion. (B) Temporal alterations of PP2A C levels during reperfusion post-ischemia. (C) Temporal alterations of p-PP2A C and β-actin levels following post-ischemic reperfusion. (D) Temporal alterations of p-Src and Src protein levels after post-ischemic reperfusion. O.D. is presented as fold-increase compared to sham control levels. Data are expressed as mean ± S.D. (n = 4/group), *P < 0.05 vs. sham control.

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