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Table 1 Linear correlations between IAT scores and explicit question scores for indigenous participants

From: Contextual blending of ingroup/outgroup face stimuli and word valence: LPP modulation and convergence of measures

  Indigenous target category Non indigenous target category
  Positive Negative Positive Negative
General IAT 0.4886 -0.1833 0.1928 -0.1045
Word IAT 0.3253 -0.2042 0.0069 -0.1793
Face IAT 0.4904 -0.1067 0.2314 0.0169
  1. For each subject, answers were averaged in the four categories shown as table columns. Also, word, face and general (both) IAT scores were obtained for each subject. The table shows linear correlations for IAT-explicit pairs of variables considering only indigenous participants.