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Table 2 Spearman Rank correlation analyses of metabolite concentrations between different brain regions of the SIV infected macaques.

From: In vivo proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy reveals region specific metabolic responses to SIV infection in the macaque brain

  NAA Glx Cr Cho MI
Spearman Rank R s p R s P R s p R s p R s p
FC – WM   NS 0.32 0.088   NS 0.52 0.0032   NS
FC – BG   NS 0.52 0.0034   NS 0.36 0.052 0.37 0.043
WM – BG 0.50 0.0049   NS   NS 0.54 0.0021   NS
  1. For this purpose the percent change from baseline were calculated for each individual monkey for all time points. Significant P-values are noted in bold. P-values with a trend towards significance (P < 0.1) are noted italics and non-significant differences are indicated by NS. However, it must be noted that when the correlations are subjected to Bonferroni correction, a P-value of < 0.0033 is required for significance.