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Figure 1

From: Subsampling effects in neuronal avalanche distributions recorded in vivo

Figure 1

Comparison of subsampling effects in avalanche distributions and branching parameters from model systems and in vivo LFP data. (A) Avalanche distributions calculated from events sampled on a small fraction of the model sites (as indicated in B). None of the models shows a power law for f(s). Note that the characteristic peaks in f(s) are only expressed in the ASM and only when the distance between the sampling sites is small (left column). Avalanche distributions of the ASM (full lines), the RNM (dashed lines) and the FFM (dotted lines) are plotted. The colours indicate the different bin sizes (blue 2 steps; green 4 steps; red 8 steps). (B) Recording electrode configurations and corresponding sampling sites used in the simulations. The circles indicate the position of the electrodes, full circles indicate the electrodes that provided data for the evaluation of the LFPs. The inter electrode distance is given at the bottom of each figure. The full circles at the same time indicate the configuration of the subset of sampling sites sampled in the models. The left part of each figure indicates the position of the subsets of sampling sites with respect to the grid the model was simulated on. The left figure indicates the subset of sampling sites s2: 4×4 sites with distance 2 grid units (g.u.) between the sites, located in the center of the grid. The middle figure 4 enotes the subset of sampling sites s5, and the right the subset of sampling sites c2. (C) Avalanche size distributions f(s) for the binary events calculated from the LFPs. The colours indicate the bin size (blue 2 ms; green 4 ms; red 8 ms): left figure – Monkey1 (LFP M1), middle – Monkey2, LFP2 M2, right – Monkey3, LFP M3. The corresponding electrode configurations are plotted in part (B). (D) Branching parameter σ over bin size (in ms for LFP data and steps for simulated data) for the subsampled models and the LFP data. (Left) σ for sampling on subset s2 (related to the LFP recording geometry in M1). Green, solid line: σ for LFP of M1; dashed lines: σ for the subsampled ASM, FFM, and RNM; (Middle) σ for sampling on subset s5 (LFP of M2), same colour codes; (Right) σ for sampling on subset c2 (LFP of M3), same colour codes.

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