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Figure 3

From: Electro-acupuncture promotes survival, differentiation of the bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells as well as functional recovery in the spinal cord-transected rats

Figure 3

BBB open field test: BBB scores were obtained starting from the first week throughout the 8 week survival period (5 time points). The scores gradually increased with time in each group. BBB scores were significantly higher in the three treatment groups as compared to that of the Op-control group from two weeks to eight weeks post-transection (P < 0.05). The MSCs+EA group showed a significantly higher score than the other treatment groups beginning the 4th week following transection. Especially at eight weeks after the operation, the scores of the MSCs+EA group were significantly higher than those of the other groups (*indicates P < 0.01 as compared to the Op-contorl group; # indicates P < 0.01 compared to the EA group/MSCs group). Data = means ± SD.

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