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Table 1 Syllable stimuli in Experiment 1

From: Statistical language learning in neonates revealed by event-related brain potentials

   Pseudowords   Unexpected novel syllables
  S1 S2 S3  
1 /ø: ai ka/ /su/
2 /e: ky sæ/ /au/
3 /y: ki/ /ua/
4 /ea ke sa/ /ae/
5 /ui si o:/ /ei/
6 /ie æ: kæ/ /ue/
7 /sy eu/  
8 /so ia u:/  
9 /ku i: se/  
10 /ko a: iu/  
  1. The syllables used in Experiment 1. Medial (S2) and final (S3) syllables were also used as unexpected syllables added between standard pseudowords.