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Table 1 The RSNs identified in the MELODIC analysis of the main study group, the names adopted in this work, the relative strength of the components and correspondence to RSNs identified in other studies (the bracketed suffixes L and R indicate that the component identified here corresponds to either the left or right hand side of the network referred to).

From: A resting state network in the motor control circuit of the basal ganglia

Component Number RSN Name Percentage of explained variance Labeling in [(Calhoun et al., 2008), (Damoiseaux et al., 2006), (Beckmann et al., 2005), (De Luca et al., 2006)] respectively.
10 Medial visual 3.81 [D, E,(a),]
11 Motor 3.59 [B,F,(d),RSN3]
12 Cerebellum 3.31 [H,,,]
15 Lateral visual 2.67 [F,A,(b),RSN1]
20 Posterior parietal 2.18 [C,H,,]
23 Left lateral fronto-parietal 1.93 [E,C,(h),RSN4(L)]
28 Temporal lobe 1.15 [I,I,(c),RSN3]
31 Medial frontal 0.85 [J,,(f),RSN2]
36 Default Mode 0.53 [A,B,(e),RSN2]
40 Limbic lobe 0.28 [L,,,]
41 Basal ganglia 0.13  
43 Right lateral fronto-parietal 0.08 [K,D,(g),RSN4(R)]
52 Anterior temporal lobe [G,,,]
  1. † - no valid value was obtained for this component.