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Figure 2

From: Anti-depressant and anxiolytic like behaviors in PKCI/HINT1 knockout mice associated with elevated plasma corticosterone level

Figure 2

Tail suspension test monitored for 10 min. Sum of total scores of immobility are reported in sec (2A), small (2B) and strong movements (2C) in arbitrary units (AU). Time course of immobility (2D), small movements of running and body torsions (2E) and strong movements of body jerks and jumps (2F) are reported in bins of 1 min. *** P < 0.001 WT vs. KO, Students t-test; ^ P < 0.05, ^^ P < 0.01, ^^^ P <0.0001 WT vs. KO, Bonferroni post hoc; oo P < 0.01, ooo P < 0.001 vs. each different time point, Bonferroni post hoc; o P < 0.05 vs.7, 8, 9, 10 min, Bonferroni post hoc. WT n = 13, KO n = 13.

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