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Figure 4

From: Progranulin is expressed within motor neurons and promotes neuronal cell survival

Figure 4

PGRN within motor neurons in primary cultures does not colocalize with the nucleus or mitochondria. (A) Motor neuron labeled with antibody to mouse PGRN (left hand image) is attenuated by antigen-competition with 300 ng recombinant mouse PGRN (middle and right hand images). When anti-PRGN was pre-absorbed with 400 ng of mouse recombinant PGRN, no signal was observed in the primary motor neurons (not shown). Shown are confocal images taken at 100×. (B) PGRN is not distributed in nuclei or mitochondria, organelles that are not part of the secretory pathway. Immunolabelling of motor neurons in dissociated spinal cord-DRG cultures with anti-TDP-43 (a) and anti-cytochrome C (b) and anti-PGRN (middle column). Merged images (right column) show no colocalization of TDP-43 or cytochrome C with endogenous mouse PGRN. Confocal images were captured at 63× magnification, hatched boxes represent 3-5× zoom.

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