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Figure 12

From: Progranulin is expressed within motor neurons and promotes neuronal cell survival

Figure 12

PGRN over-expression prevents apoptosis of NSC-34 cells induced by serum deprivation and exogenous PGRN increases cell survival. Stable vector only transfectants (pcDNA, open bars) and cells stably over-expressing hPGRNs (pcDNA-hPGRN; black bars) were cultured in serum-free RPMI medium in six well plates. (A) Number of cells per well were determined at three-day intervals for fifteen days. NSC-34 cells that over-expressed hPGRN demonstrated increased survival as compared to controls (N = 2 6 fields 10× magnification/each condition, Asterisks denote P < 0.005). (B) Cell proliferation assay based on 18 hr BrdU incorporation following 1, 3 and 5 days culture in serum-free medium in 96 well plates. Over-expression of hPGRN during serum deprivation did not significantly increase cell proliferation rates (10 replicates per measurement P > 0.1). (C) Apoptosis assay based on the TUNEL- labelling method following 6 days in serum-free medium. Over-expression of hPGRN during serum deprivation protected against apoptosis (N = 2 6 fields 10× magnification per condition. Asterisks denote P < 0.0001). (D) Addition of exogenous PGRN also dramatically increased NSC-34 survival (P < 0.0001).

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