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Table 1 Graded denotation of FTO expression in sites involved in reward-related consumption (regular font) vs. in those that regulate primarily energy intake (bold).

From: Hypothalamic FTO is associated with the regulation of energy intake not feeding reward

Area Expression
Nucleus accumbens shell +
Nucleus accumbens core 0
Ventral tegmental area 0
Parabrachial nucleus +
Bed nucleus of the stria terminalis +++
Supraoptic nucleus +++
Paraventricular nucleus ++
Dorsomedial nucleus ++
Ventromedial nucleus +++
Arcuate nucleus +++
Lateral hypothalamus +
  1. Other sites: septohypothalamic nucleus, ++, lateral preoptic area, 0; suprachiasmatic nucleus, +++; locus coeruleus, ++.
  2. Expression based on the visual inspection: 0, not detectable; +, weak; ++, moderate; +++, high.