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Figure 6

From: Therapeutic targets and limits of minocycline neuroprotection in experimental ischemic stroke

Figure 6

Tunel staining in the ischemic peri-infarct area. Low dose significantly decreased (B), whereas high dose significantly increased (C) the number of TUNEL positive cells in the ischemic striatal peri-infarct area of minocycline-treated stroke rats compared to the vehicle-treated stroke rats (A). Quantitative analyses of Bcl-2 positive cells are shown in panel D. Data are shown as mean values ± SEM (*p < 0.05). Four representative ischemic striatal peri-infarct areas (+0.2 mm anterior to the bregma), in which TUNEL positive cells were counted (data in panel D), are shown in panel E (square boxes labeled 1-4 correspond to areas 1-4 in panel D). Scale bar: 25 μm.

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