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Table 3 The neuronal damage score values of the hypothalamus obtained from non-heated [-]HSP72 ([-]HSP72-N) mice, non-heated [+]HSP72 ([+]HSP72-N) mice, heated [-]HSP72 ([-]HSP72-H) mice, and heated [+]HSP72 ([+]HSP72-H) mice.

From: Protective effect of transgenic expression of porcine heat shock protein 70 on hypothalamic ischemic and oxidative damage in a mouse model of heatstroke

Treatment Groups Neuronal damage score (0-3)
[-]HSP72-N 0 (0, 0)
[+]HSP72-N 0 (0, 0)
[-]HSP72-H 2 (2, 2)a
[+]HSP72-H 0.75 (0, 0.75)b
  1. For determination of neuronal damage scores, heated groups were killed 4 h post whole body heating or the equivalent time period for non-heated groups. aCompared with non-heated groups (P < 0.05); bCompared with [-]HSP72-H (P < 0.05). Data are medians from 12 mice per group, followed by Q1 and Q3 in parentheses.